Things To Consider Before Adopting

  • Keeshonden live about 12 to 13 years on average
    Take time now to consider your future (moving, job changes, major life events) and assess how your adopted Kees will fit into these changes over the dog's lifespan.
  • Veterninary care is expensive and necessary
    Your Kees requires vet care whether for routine checkups and vaccinations or for more serious health issues. Will you be able to afford this care over the course of your dog's life?
  • Keeshonden are highly social dogs
    They must always be with their people and NEVER left alone for long periods of time. They must live in the house.
  • Dogs take time and patience
    As a responsible dog owner you must teach your Keeshond manners and this takes time and patience because they will make mistakes.
  • Keeshonden bark and some Keeshonden bark a lot
    Originally they were working dogs and were bred to be watch dogs and to alert their owners when something seemed wrong. They consider this their sacred duty in life and they will consider all kinds of things to be 'wrong' and will have to alert barking.
  • Keeshonden shed and some Keeshonden shed a lot
    You will not be vacuuming up dust bunnies but, rather, dust elephants. Are you and your vacuum prepared for this?