Darby came into KRO foster care through an all breed Rescue group who contacted us in December 2010. He came from a high volume breeder and lived the first year of his life in a cage.

We decided to call him Darby which is an Irish name meaning “Free Man”.

Since Darby had not received any socialization of any kind he was a very scared boy and had to learn how to be dog and enjoy life.

Over time Darby learned many things mainly due to the wonderful example he got from my three dogs. He watched and followed them constantly, particularly my male Keeshond, Lieven whom he adored and emulated, including barking for his meal.

Darby had to gain trust and enjoy human contact. It was a slow process but he eventually learned to trust his foster mom and not long after his foster dad. Once the trust was established he quickly advanced.

Darby lived with us for four months and during that time we saw progress every single day. He grew to be a confident, outgoing, happy dog. At meal, walk times and when his foster mom came home from work he did his “Happy Dance”. 

After four months we decided Darby was ready to go to an adoptive home.

A wonderful family saw his picture and story posted on the KRO website and applied to adopt him. They had just lost their 16 year Keeshond and wanted another Keesie to join their family.

Darby now lives in a lovely home with a fenced in yard which backs onto acres of green space, which he thoroughly enjoys. He shares the home with Alan, Stella and their son Bren, along with a female dog Haley and three cats (who sometimes remind him that felines rule).

Darby has been enjoying the city life and has met many other canine friends. One in particular is his girl friend, a golden named Maggie.

We could not be happier that Darby has found his forever home. They love him unconditionally and have helped him adjust to their home.