Indy came to us through an all-breed rescue, after having spent the first year of his life caged with a High Volume Breeder.  We named him “Indy” to celebrate his newly found independence.

His fur was matted and he smelled bad.  After his immediate medical needs were taken care of, it was time for his rehabilitation. 

He was a bit skittish at first, and it was apparent even to my female Keeshond Abby that we were there to help Indy.  For the first few days she would leave part of her food for him.  She made him feel very welcome into our home. One thing was clear from the start: this dog was so sweet natured and had so much curiosity.   

When he first came to me, he could not walk up or down my stairs, did not walk on a leash, and would flatten when you came near him. However I saw progress daily with Indy.  First I would carry him part way up or down the stairs, and let him do the rest and within a few days, he was following me up the stairs.  I was so happy the first time that happened.  A few days after that, you would never have known that steps were an issue.

Walking on a leash took a bit longer.  I took it very slowly, rewarding him for being close to the leash, for letting me touch his collar, and soon for allowing me to put on the leash…being careful not to push too much.  After I was able to walk him a bit in the house, we took it outside in the back yard.  Again, we took it slowly.  His biggest challenge was being in the front of the house…where cars went by and there was lots of activity (I realized he was probably not used to cars in his previous life).  In the end it was Indy’s curiosity that took him past his fear of the unknown.  He was more curious than he was scared.  Soon we were walking around the neighbourhood with Indy leading the way.  He never met a person he didn’t want to greet.

At first Indy took his cues from Abby, but it was human affection that he sought out.  He loved to retrieve and would bring me the stuffed bunny for me to throw…again, and again…and again.  It became clear that Indy was ready for his forever home and after five weeks with me, that dream for him became a reality.

He now lives in his forever home with Jeanette and Phil in a semi-rural part of the province where he enjoys a huge house, fifty acres to walk in, and spending time with their extended family, including Jeanette and Phil’s grandchildren.