We adopted a mostly Border Collie in December 2007 from the Belleville Humane Society when she was about 8 months old.  Lacey became a very important part of our lives, and in December 2011, we thought that she could use a four legged friend.  A neighbour, who trains police dogs, put us in contact with Magen and Keeshond Rescue Ontario.

We had never heard of Keeshonden before and looked up the website for KRO.  We decided to visit Magen to meet Magen and these funny looking dogs.  Did we want to deal with more barking, lots of grooming, shedding and the constant cleaning up after another dog??  Apparently we did.  We took stock of the dogs at Magen’s and on the KRO website.  However at the back of the room, trying not to be noticed was this beautiful, almost regal looking creature named Lief.  We decided that we wanted her to be part of our family.

Magen was incredible in the work she did with Lief.  She took her out for socialization, played with her indoors and out and tried to get Lief out of her shell.  Magen also brought Lief – whom we renamed Jazz – out to our house on numerous occasions to bond with Lacey and us.  Lacey and Jazz seemed to hit off right away, but Jazz was very leery of us, especially Diane.  In the house she slunk into a corner or into the crate and wouldn’t be petted.  She did, however, come to us for treats – what a surprise!!

Then came February 25, 2012, when Jazz came to live with us permanently.  She was very excited to see Lacey, but was not happy when Magen left without her.  She then reversed roles and would tolerate Diane but not me.  She would turn and go in the other direction when we approached each other in a room or in the hall.  However she continued to rumble with Lacey in our back yard.  We kept a long line on her inside and out for a few weeks and then dropped the long line inside.  She retained the long line outside for a few more weeks.

Gradually she came to accept us and would allow us to pet her.  She began to spend her time in the room where we were and not in her crate or scrunched into a corner.  Lacey was doing a very good job in training her.  The test came the day we inadvertently left the garage door open and she bolted out.  We thought that she would be gone!!  How could this happen??  Much to our surprise and joy, she just went to the gate going into the back yard and waited for us.  Our property was her “safe zone”.  She had accepted us.  We were her parents.  Jazz is our family.

Things just got better and better.  Jazz’s true personality started to come out.  She has a beautiful disposition.  With all of the neglect and possible abuse she has sustained she has never bared her teeth (except for her Keesie smile) or growled at us.  She is a klutz and swings her butt around occasionally knocking things over (such as Lacey).  She can be a wee bit lazy.  She has learned to play and she and Lacey have a great time in our new yard.  She does have the Keesie trait of being obsessed with food – also like Lacey.   Most of all, she is just plain Goofy.  She now likes to watch TV in the evening sitting on one of our laps.  She has also decided that the best place to view the world is from my bed – whether I am in it or not!!  We laugh at the pair of them constantly.  They are a real joy in our lives.  We love them both dearly.  Lacey and Jazz will be with us all of their lives.

What a privilege to have been part of this adventure.