Mr. Jiggs' Story

In August 2011, a wonderful one-year-old male Keeshond, was found listed for sale online and came into KRO care.  I named him Mr Jiggs, because I felt he needed a fun name.  He became known as Jiggs, Jiggsy, Jiggers, Jiggy Jiggs….now doesn’t that sound like fun?


The only history we have about Mr. Jiggs is that he was tied up most of his life and has suffered some physical abuse. Since he did not receive the proper socialization when he was a puppy, he has had great difficulty with strangers. When he first came into rescue, he had a fear of being hit that was very evident by his behaviour when hands came towards him.  He would cower and flattened himself on the ground and look away from us.


Even though Jiggs was afraid of strangers, he had a great desire to become part of the family and bonded very quickly to the humans in our home, and of course to my dogs.  He really liked my Keeshond Lieven and emulated whatever he did. He also enjoyed my Lowchen, Tiko, who taught Jiggs to chase him as soon as the door was opened to go outside. YAHOO, the game was on!


Over the months while he was in foster care, he was exposed to many situations involving strangers. Over time, with positive experiences and lots of treats, he was able to accept strangers near him.


Mr. Jiggs’ favorite things are treats (HA-HA, that’s to be expected with a Kees!) and toys!  He loves to play tug and would often pick up his favorite toy, an orange gecko, and flip it around, trying to entice me to play.  Now, how could I resist?


On January 27, Jiggs was adopted by an amazing couple, Jeff and Martha and now lives in Ohio along with his canine Keesie brother Tanuki (also a rescue dog). Jiggs and Tanuki became instant friends.  They enjoy wrestling and horsing around.  Martha enjoys running and Jiggs makes a great running partner!  Jiggs is so curious and delights in every new experience.  He is still wary of strangers but has made great strides towards becoming a brave boy.