Sweet Soren Lands In Paradise

We fostered five month old Soren for three short weeks at the end of the summer in 2009 and we were reminded of just how much energy one Keeshond puppy has!

This little guy came into rescue from his first family almost housetrained, in spotless condition and in excellent health but it was obvious that he was better suited to a busier home with at least one other Kees.  Soren took to our two adult Keeshonden, Simon and Nikki, like honey to bread though they were somewhat less than enamoured with this rambunctious ball of fluff.  It took a while before the pack was balanced again but Soren eventually learned a few pack manners.


We saw straight away that Soren was a very typical Kees pup:  quick to learn routines, great sense of humour, willing to try anything (including swimming) and, oh, how he loved playing Chase Me! games and wrestling – when Simon and Nikki were in the mood, of course. And what a cuddler!

An adoptive family was found very quickly to maximize bonding time.  Emails flew, a home visit quickly arranged and references consulted and the perfect family for Soren was approved.  Nancy and Terry live in rural South-Western Ontario on a small farm with Chelsea, their adult Kees, and a few horses -- lots of room for a young Kees to work out his puppiness.

On Soren’s Forever Homecoming Day, Nancy and Terry made the long trek to Soren’s foster home.  Soren greeted them with all the bad manners of an excited, now six month old Kees pup:  lots of jumping up and sloppy kisses.  Nancy and Terry fell in love.


We hear quite regularly from Soren's forever humans.  He's settled in beautifully and is best buddies with his Kees-sister, Chelsea.  Soren has also made a buddy out of one of the mares Nancy and Terry rescued!  He has a large fenced, secure yard to play in and lots of human company and doggy pals that visit him regularly.

And yet, with all that love and all that activity, Soren still finds time to be that sly, devilish little puppy he will always be.

As Nancy says, ‘Soren makes us laugh every day’. Could there be more perfect Kees owners?

From the bottom of all our hearts at KRO, thank you Nancy and Terry; we know you will have a wonderful life, Soren!

Soren says, 'Good morning, Blue!'