Charlie learns the ropes at Obedience Class

Six Things About The Laughing Dutchman You Need To Know When Considering Adoption

1.  Keeshonden bark and some Keeshonden bark a LOT!

Originally they were working dogs bred to alert their owners when something seemed wrong. They consider this their sacred duty to this day and Keesies consider all kinds of innocuous, silly things that seem wrong.  They will alert you to these grievous errors by [wait for it] barking. Often a lot!


2. Keeshonden do shed – yes they do! And some Kees shed a LOT! You may be vacuuming up dust mastodons rather than dust bunnies. I know families with Keesies who’ve blown through more than one Roomba. You will also need lint brushes at every exit door to be used before going out in public. You should see my car.


3. Healthy Keeshonden live between 12 to 15 years.

Take time now to consider where you’ll be over that span of time. What major life events are on the horizon and how does an adopted Kees fit into your plans?

4. Even healthy Keeshonden need vet care. It's expensive.

Just keeping up with routine checkups and vaccinations can be hard on your bank account. A serious illness can nuke it.


5.  Keeshonden are a highly social breed. Keesies want to be with their people all the time. Preferably on their laps but minimally in the same room even if that room changes 1,000 times a day. They can NEVER be left alone for extended periods of time and they must live in the house.


6.  Dogs take time and patience. As a responsible dog owner, it's up to you to teach your Keeshond manners. This takes time. They will make mistakes. This takes patience. Do you have enough of both?



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